Contract Therapy Software

Contract Therapy Software

- contract therapy staffing software for your contract home health therapy business

Contract Therapy Software As A Service

Just like you, we fought to find a solution for all the problems plaquing the contract therapy business, so we built a solution that does EVERYTHING. The problems w/ invoicing & payroll, lost notes, fax machines, unreadable documents & more are a thing of the past when you begin using TherapySync. If you want proof that we know the issues are you running into, read just some of the issues below:

Lost Paperwork

Paper Costs

Un-Readable Referrals & Documentation

Late/Missing Therapy Notes

High Paperwork Error-rate

Billing/Payroll Mistakes

Communication Problems

Working After Hours & Weekends

Low Visit Totals

Failure to Market

No Assistant Monitoring

Do You Believe Us Now? We Feel Your Pain, And We Want To Help.

We have been in the business since 2004, and the software will immediately help w/ your company... but that is not where it stops. We provide one-of-a-kind customer service (I know you will say, well everyone says that - but we pride ourselves on helping you!), provide you with the documents to help support your business legally and a team of consulting power to grow your business when the time is right. Is there any other software company that offers these tools that will lead you to being an even more successful contract therapy company? We didn't think so.

Click below to schedule a demo or speak to someone about the software - you will be redirected to our partner (TherapySync) and they will help you get started. Do not forget to mention the 10% off special by using the code: CONTRACTTHERAPY!
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Make your business complete with contract therapy softwware.