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Contract Therapy Software

- contract therapy staffing software for your contract home health therapy business

Contract Therapy Software To Manage Your Therapy Company

Contract Therapy Software (in a partnership with TherapySync) is the leader in the industry of home health therapy software. We specialize in creating a management solution for the contract home health therapy industry. We have spent the time in the field as therapists, have managed the therapy documents in regards to paper and have dealt w/ the headaches caused by billing & payroll. We have created a software that will streamline the field of contract therapy and allow your company to grow - guaranteed! Below you will find just a few of the problems our software can alleviate.

Billing & Payroll Got You Down? We Take Care Of It For You!

We used to spend the hours, days even - going through stacks of paper, trying to manage our contract therapy company's billing & payroll. We know how hard it is to manage a thriving therapy company and still see patients every day. Our software takes the headaches of paper documents out of the equation and creates a software solution that tallies up the visits done as you go! You can invoice your customers in a click of a button - no more long nights!

Physical Therapy Documentation, Occupational Therapy Documentation & Speech Therapy Documentation.

Everyone wants the best therapy documents available, your agencies want it - and - you want it for your contract therapy company. It is our goal to provide the most realiable documents to protect your business and protect your therapists in the field. Our software has built in documentation for all three main disciplines: contract physical therapy, contract occupational therapy & contract speech therapy. So throw your paper documents out the window (actually, go recycle them), you will never need another piece of paper while you are out in the field!

Are You Tired Of Your Phone & Fax Machine Ringing?

Just like paper is a thing of the past, fax machines are so 1985. Our goal is to turn your fax machine into a paper-weight. We also think you can spend your time on the phones drumming up new business instead of spending it answering questions about patients. Our system allows your nursing companies to send referrals online and check patient frequencies by logging in. No more phone calls to your contract therapy company about when the next visit is for a certain patient - because your companies can check it in the system themselves.

These Are Just A Few Of The Main Advancements, We Have More...

We could on and on describing why our contract therapy software will help your business grow, streamline & prosper, but we believe these few things already have your mouth watering in excitement. Go ahead and schedule a demo of our product today via our main site - Feel free to contact us and we can get started changing your life!

Welcome to Contract Therapy Software.