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Impactful & effective


Agencies love getting their notes instantly. A true game changer.


Billing details were never easier to create. Export to Excel or Word.


Fast, reliable and accurate documentation. Therapist's can focus on care.


iPad, Surface, Galaxy or any tablet. We are cloud-based.


Real-time stats that keep your focus on the bottom-line every single day.


Never miss a 30-day Reassessment - again! Stay on track.


Your data is safe, backed up and protected per all HIPAA regulations.


Download notes from your system in PDF for agency’s software with ease.


Gurus that know the business and help your team with all aspects.


The cloud is great... if you have internet access. Offline works all the time.


Never miss a frequency or hospitalization. Quit making mistakes.


What our customers are saying...

It is excellent. They have a therapy company themselves, so they know what is needed.

John (TX)

The vendor's customer service team is great. They are always available to help. The management team welcomes suggestions and listens to their clients. The product greatly helps in managing caseloads; it's easy to use and navigate.

Arnold (IL)

It's so simple to use! The pull-down menus are so specific just for Therapy. There's no unwanted or unnecessary documenting. We spend less time worrying about how to write a note and more time with the patient.

Dawn (TX)

Customer support is fantastic. We also use the software to staff nursing homes and have experienced customer support that gives us great satisfaction when reflecting on their support.

Ryan (OK)

After having tried a competing software at the insistence of a client, I appreciate the customer service even more in comparison.

Chase (LA)

I like the ease of use (it's very user-friendly)! The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and quick to resolve any issues or answer any request/questions.

Robyn (TX)

Since we started using TherapySync in 2011, the software has continued to evolve and improve. The options that are available now meet all of our administrative and therapist documentation needs.

Bonnie (OK)

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Who holds the #1 contract therapy software together


The #1 Therapy Software

We are the #1 contract therapy software on the market!

TherapySync started because we own a contract therapy company (just like you) and to maintain our sanity – we had to have a system in place to manage our business. 10 years ago, nothing existed to fit our needs and we put our heads down to create the initial version of our product. It wasn’t pretty at first, but the idea was sound and within a couple of years we had a viable solution that propelled us as a contract therapy provider.

After rolling it out to our company and watching as both our therapists and agencies raved about how it streamlined their jobs, we knew we had something that could change the industry. In 2005 we started to polish the product up in hopes to get it into the hands of other companies like ourselves.

Since that time we have added features we never dreamed of having with help from our customers’ feedback and our own knowledge of the industry. We always had features like a true offline version that allowed our therapists to travel (like they do every day), and not worry about having an internet connection. We capture real signatures on every single note, making sure that if in the event we have to defend our documentation/therapists – we feel confident. In the last 3-4 years though, we have added custom reporting, a saving feature, OASIS documentation, PDF uploads, credential management and all kinds of auditing and reporting tools to ensure we do not miss important functional reassessments.

We have come a long way since the days in the garage with stacks of paper surrounding us doing payroll and billing on the weekends while the rest of the world was out enjoying the time off. We have come a long way from breaking our backs to try to get paperwork delivered to agencies in 2-3 days. We have come a long way from fax machines, hand written notes and mistake-laden documentation. Those days make us appreciate where we are today and ensure that our software is built for exactly who uses it. We still run a therapy company today in West Texas and we face the same issues as our customers do. This is what keeps our ear to the industry and makes us who we are and we plan to keep it that way.

Rodney Morgan

Chief Executive Officer

Rodney is a true family man with wife and 4 kiddos. He’s a passionate Physical Therapist to the core. As a Texas Tech graduate, he started out as a staff Physical Therapist in a rehab facility and later opened his own contract therapy company in 2003, Dynamic Therapy Services. After building a team of 60 therapists in 4 major cities, he had a vision to create TherapySync and continues to drive its success. While in the U.S. Navy, he always dreamed of flying and finally became a multi-engine/instrument rated pilot in 2012 where he loves to fly around taking care of patients and customers. Rodney still owns and works in his contract therapy company where he performs evals & treats patients on a weekly basis.

"Pay attention to detail, details create the big picture."

Development Team

Code Monkeys Incorporated

We turn caffeine into algorithms.

These guys are good – period. When you see a big button that says submit, they see thousands of lines of code, queries and algorithms that make the magic happen. They are definitely the magicians of TherapySync and they speak a language that will leave most people in the company nodding with a slight smile and backing out of a room slowly.

Even though the average age of the team is likely in the mid-20's, this team brings both real world and collegiate experience to the table – balancing out textbook skills with rapid development when urgency is required. They do tend to consume large amounts of caffeine and sugar – they are quick to take walking meetings outside (yes, OUTSIDE – in the sun) and interact with each other outside of the chat windows. You should see them participating in the company mud-run each year… a true sight to see.

They may not be the people on the phones, the sales person that you talk to or the consultant that helps you with your business when you call, however these guys are truly the backbone of TherapySync. Their innovation is truly impeccable and unmatched in the industry.

Support Team

Systems Admins & Tech Support

Our support will be there when you need it the most.

Our support is not your normal customer service experience – we take the time to get to know you and your staff so you can feel comfortable with our team helping yours. The TherapySync support team handles every phone call, email or support ticket that enters our building (you can even snail mail us and we would support your folks). They are the front lines of our company and they pull knowledge from our own therapy company to understand your urgency and need to have a system running smoothly each and every day.

We do not draw the line at our software, we have been known to troubleshoot hardware as well, suggest tablets/laptops so you get the best bang for your buck and some of them can even tell you the difference between gaming systems on the market (so you are sure to get your son/grandson the right gift). We pride ourselves on our support and these guys will be the first ones to tell you that. Not to mention – our servers are our babies, so if they are acting up – we will discipline them accordingly.

If you visit our annual conference, these guys are very popular – as people love to meet those that have helped them each and every day. They also accept cookies and sweet treats via mail if you just want to make their day, because much like the development team – they run on pure caffeine and sugar most of the time (it keeps a smile on their face).


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